We endeavour to produce graduates who are:

I.  Spiritually-minded individuals who:

  1.  Trust Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.  
  2. Accept the Bible as the Word of God and as a sure source of wisdom and instruction.
  3. Learn how to pray.  
  4. Apply biblical values to fundamental academic disciplines and to everyday life.

II.  Academically capable individuals who:

  1. Seek to achieve above-average skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic. (accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logicalness, and significance in thinking).    
  2. Develop self-discipline and sound study habits.
  3. Utilise technological resources effectively and appropriately.  
  4. Demonstrate a personal commitment to continuing education.

III.  Physically sound individuals who:

  1. Respect their body as a gift from God.
  2. Understand their body’s systems and functions. 
  3. Choose to honour God with a pure and wholesome lifestyle.
  4. Determine not to abuse their body.   

IV.  Socially developed individuals who:

  1. Recognise their patriotic responsibilities, including respect for law and properly constituted authority.
  2. Seek wholesome, Christ-honouring relationships.
  3. Value humility, honesty, integrity, empathy, and perseverance.
  4. Work effectively in a team.